Build Share & Deploy Event Monitoring Apps

AlphaRora makes it easy for organizations to build internal event monitoring and system observability applications


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Build, Share & Deploy Event Monitoring Apps Quickly & Securely

Build, Deploy & Share Apps

Build apps from scratch or through our more than 300 templates, share them with teams and deploy in real time

Simple Flexible App Deployments

Easily deploy apps in your environment with full control and security

Leverage Memory Based & Characteristics Event Monitoring

Monitor event characteristics in real time, using SQL & NLP users can build monitoring on apps for pinpoint specific events

For Technical & Non-Technical Users

Built for both technical and non technical users, build technical apps and share with non technical users for ease of use and accesibility

Share & Reuse Among Teams & Relevant Stakeholders

Allow team members to easily reuse applications built for specific needs with security and access controls

Build on over 80+ applications

From Databases, Datawarehouses, Security, Compliance, DevTools, DevOps, Financial, ERP & More build applications on your most criticla infrastructure

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